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Who We Are

Outdoor Ventures Group, LLC (OVG) designs, builds and operates Aerial Forest Parks. Established in 2008, OVG was inspired by adventure parks located in Switzerland and the desire to create an outdoor experience that connects people with the great outdoors. Today we are committed to promoting active enjoyment of the outdoors through the development of Aerial Forest Parks and Rope Courses. A place where you can appreciate nature while engaging in activities that are fun, challenging, build confidence, and are good for your health.

What We Do

Analysis: Determine feasibility and accessibility.

Planning: Initiate an in depth plan for new Parks.

Building: Construction and installation of Aerial Forest Parks and Ropes Courses.

Training: Professional training of personnel.

Managing: Running efficient, safe, and cost-effective enterprises.

Marketing: Expert plans and promotional methods.

Equipment Sales:Specifically designed equipment for the ropes course industry to provide the safest climbing experience in the world.

About the Aerial Forest Park

The Aerial Forest Park (AFP) is a new concept in the U.S., but in Europe (France, Switzerland, England, Austria, and Germany) it has become a very popular experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Families, friends and individuals are involved in healthy outdoor activities, building strength, endurance, and confidence. They provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature. These parks contain courses made of small platforms constructed at various levels in the trees. The platforms are connected by different types of bridges (that represent obstacles) and participants, using safety harnesses, maneuver from platform to platform. The parks operate with virtually no negative environmental impact and the trees (our most important assets) are well cared for and protected.

Turning Your Passion for Adventure into a Business Venture

Years of adventure experiences may have taught you a lot of lifelong lessons about appreciation, respect and teamwork. Drawn to nature’s palace, your mind and body craves for more of the world of outdoor adventures. Travelling, trekking and experiencing different cultures create that lifelong passion for the adventures you love. What if you could turn that passion into a business venture? Think adventure tourism... think ropes course park!

Father's Day Celebration at the Adventure Park

June 16 is going to be the big day of celebration for fathers everywhere. This Father's Day, skip the customary festivities and take the whole family on an adventure park ropes course challenge!

Ropes Course Tips for First Timers

Summer is finally here!

Trees are swiftly coming back to life after the long winter and it’s time to get outdoors to soak up the sun! This means it’s time to plan for outdoor activities! Might we suggest an amazing alternative this summer? Try a ropes course adventure!

Outdoor Ventures Group's New Park Featured in NBC Connecticut

Outdoor Ventures Group zip-lines itself into another completed adventure park. The Adventure Park in Storrs was built in an ecofriendly manner, OVG packs it with it's own style of "adventure experience" that will let visitors go out of their comfort zone and experience something new.

Check full details in NBC Connecticut.


Ropes Course Jargon Explained

So you’ve just finished packing for that ropes course trip tomorrow and  you’ve made a checklist of reminders on what to take and what to wear. You’re almost ready to go, but there’s just one more thing you could do to prepare for a great day out: learn some of the ropes course terminology you may encounter on your trip. Let’s take a look at some basic jargon used during a rope course activity day:

Tips in Choosing the Best Ropes Course Construction Firm for You

The construction of a ropes course is no easy task. If you are planning, or interested in building one, here are some factors that you should consider in choosing a suitable ropes course construction group for you

·         Certifications and Affiliate Organizations

Choosing Expert Aerial Adventure Park Builders

Over the last few years, aerial adventure park builders have continued to develop sophisticated and challenging courses, catering to a wider scope of audience. Aerial adventure parks were first made for military training purposes, also known as obstacle courses. After some time, aerial adventure park builders saw the potential for a more diverse market. It was no longer just a channel for improving physical strength; it provided other benefits like improving teamwork, decision-making skills, and self-motivation.

Which Rope Course Type Suits You?

Gearing up for your team building activity? Team building activities can help bring out the best in people by conquering the weaknesses and playing up the strengths for a solid strategy. Rope courses are popular with companies because they can help engage the entire team and help a person train and improve mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Below are the different kinds of rope courses you might encounter.

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Challenge and fear are two of the most common misconceptions when people hear the term "ropes course."  An aspect that we may forget about these courses is how much fun they can be and how they help build character and strength among the participants. As a matter of fact, majority of the clients of ropes course builders design and build the facilities for group activities wherein participants can compete with one another.  

Safety is not compromised in the ropes course, because each activity has a different set of goals and objectives including well-trained facilitators. Ropes course builders also need to meet certifications and  in order to fully operatean aerial park or becoming members of groups and organizations such as the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

Dealing with clients that require high ropes course construction is more challenging because of the greater risks involved mentally and physically as compared to a low ropes course. In order to surpass this type of ropes course, the ropes course design should be carefully outlined and planned- from the analysis to marketing. When building a course for the first time, consult a company with experience and training to ensure a competitive, safe and cost-effective aerial park.

Rope Course

A ropes course can help train a person physically, mentally and emotionally. Designed to be a bit demanding yet very productive activity, ropes course builders also train facilitators that are well-versed about precautionary measures so participants are safe all the time. Aside from physical strength, problem solving and analytical skills are also improved.

When planning to hire a ropes course construction company for the first time, one should get in touch with professionals that offer comprehensive services from analysis and planning, to construction and marketing and promotions. In line with this, training manuals are also provided for the management and  facilitators of the ropes course.

We are a proud member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology