Ecotourism: Ropes Course Parks as Sustainable Travel Destinations

Ecotourism focuses on responsible travel, personal growth, and environmental sustainability. It places great importance on environmental awareness, respect for nature, and empowerment of local people, corporate responsibility, creating positive experiences, whilst aiming to provide financial benefits for both businesses and local communities. ecotourismAll of these goals and outcomes make a ropes course park a very ecofriendly and sustainable business.

The principles of ecotourism are always being taken into account before, during and after constructing a ropes course park. Due to the delicate nature of the environment itself, it takes careful planning and assessment to develop a strategy that will prioritize sustainability and guide the construction process forward in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment.

Even after the ropes course park opens for business, the core values of ecotourism remain an important part of the daily operations of the park. These values should guide the business in protecting the natural environment in which it operates over a long period of time. It will also provide the workers and visitors of the park, a sense of shared responsibility to help maintain and protect the environment.

Ropes course parks are not only giant playgrounds for adventure, they can also become a learning experience for environmental awareness as visitors interact with nature during and after activities. This brings the whole experience to a higher level, as visitors will leave with thrilling stories to tell and a newly fostered or reinforced connection with nature.

With ecotourism in mind, ropes course parks will become an ever more sustainable destination; providing short and long-term benefits for the business, the local community, and of course the environment itself.

Outdoor Ventures designs, builds and operates ropes courses and aerial forest parks. Being recognized as one of the “top economic projects, programs and leaders” in Connecticut, anybody who thinks that their community may benefit from a sustainable and eco-friendly ropes course park, can contact us for further details on how to kick-off a successful project.

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